The aerospace industry is an ever-evolving field thanks to recent and upcoming advancements in technology. Science will continue to provide us with more powerful and efficient ways to explore the skies and outer space of our world. As a result, companies in the industry must conform to the demands of shifting safety and quality standards.

The standards for aerospace operations cover many different variables in the industry, including equipment management, airport safety, dealing with fraudulent purchases and more. Such regulations ensure the highest level of safety and productivity for individuals who work in astronautics, military aircraft or other aerospace organizations.

Improving Safety and Reliability

We work with the aviation and aerospace industry to produce and continually improve safe and reliable products that meet or exceed customer and regulatory authority requirements, on time and at a reasonable cost.

All this must be done whilst meeting the challenges of using and integrating product purchased from suppliers throughout the world while delivering product for multiple customers to their varying quality expectations and specifications.

Most organizations operating in the aerospace industry are required to register to one of the specific standards AS 9100, AS 9110, or AS 9120.

Benefits of AS 91XX Compliance

The AS 91XX family of compliance standards covers a wide range of areas, including product safety, configuration management, raw material testing, post-delivery support and more. Becoming compliant — and embracing the larger objectives of quality management — can have a number of benefits for aerospace manufacturers and suppliers. These include:

Accessing international markets: The AS 91XX family of standards is one of the most recognized in the global aerospace industry. Achieving certification can allow you to compete in international markets and provides instant credentials that potential stakeholders already know and trust.

Managing the risk of counterfeit parts: Counterfeit parts are a growing problem in the aerospace and defense industries, one that leaves organizations vulnerable to considerable risk and liability. AS 9100D introduces requirements that improve accountability across the supply chain and help you manage these risks in a more effective manner.

Streamlining processes and planning for growth: AS aerospace industry standards are based on a continuous improvement cycle, which is scalable to accommodate increased demand as necessary. Implementing a certified quality management system will help you run a leaner, more profitable business, preparing you for future growth in a way that is sustainable over the long term.

Organizations that are already compliant with an older AS aerospace industry standard have until September 2018 to implement the most recent update. If you’re not already compliant, the publication of AS 9100:2016 presents an excellent opportunity to get started.

Aerospace Industry Standards

AS9100: If your company provides or manufactures aerospace machines and parts, the AS9100 standard lays out specific quality system management requirements that will ensure you provide the highest quality service to customers and clients. This set of streamlined policies helps increase cost-effectiveness, work speed and performance for organizations all around the globe. All departments and teams within a given organization can adopt these practices.

AS9110: The AS9110 standard is a set of requirements for aerospace repair stations. While it includes much of the same content as AS9100, it offers a variety of specific standards for the repair and maintenance of aircraft machines. As a result, businesses that provide aerospace equipment preventative maintenance and address system malfunctions usually seek out AS9110 standard compliance certification.

AS9120: The AS9120 standard is an updated version of AS9100, designed and developed for organizations in the aviation, military and space industries. This is the ideal set of standardized requirements that will allow companies to perform more effectively and safely. The goal of AS9120 is to create a simpler, more efficient experience for both organizations and clients.

AS6081: In the aerospace industry, there is a significant risk to organizations from providers who sell fraudulent or counterfeit parts and equipment. AS6081 standards reduce these risks with requirements that streamline buying, inspection and management processes. With an AS6081 certification, businesses can discover and take steps to solve situations relating to counterfeit purchases before they cause major financial or productivity losses.

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