5S | 6S for Shop floor Excellence

5S is an abbreviation from the Japanese words Sort (Seiri), Set-in-order (Seiton), Shine (Seiso), Standardize (Seiketsu) and Sustain (Shitsuke). They are simple but effective methods to organize any workplace as one can see from the English translations, i.e., housekeeping, workplace organization, cleanup, keep clean and discipline.

  • Seiri | Housekeeping – Separate the needed items from unneeded items. Keep only what is immediately necessary at the work spot.
  • Seiton | Workplace Organization -Organize the workplace so that needed items can be easily and quickly accessed. A place for everything and everything in its place
  • Seiso | Cleanup – Sweeping, washing, and cleaning everything around working area immediately.
  • Seiketsu | Cleanliness – Keep everything clean for a constant state of readiness
  • Shitsuke | Discipline – Everyone understands, obeys, and practices the rules when in the plant.

Benefits of implementing 5S

Increased Productivity

Every organization works towards achieving increased productivity, after all, productivity increases the overall return on investment. According to global research it has been found that effective implementation of 5S & lean manufacturing resources provides this improvement. The compete removal of unnecessary items along with efficient workplace maximization is sufficient to help develop improved productivity with minimal wastage of time. Less time spent searching through unnecessary items means more time spent working.

Improved Safety

Improved safety is yet another benefit of 5S implementation. A clean workplace environment, especially in a manufacturing unit can result in significant reduction in the number of injuries sustained by workers. Most often, unattended chemical spills increases the chances of slips and falls.

Reduction in Waste

Implementing 5S will also yield a fair reduction in lost and damaged items in the workplace. A clear and organized workplace with proper labeling provides workers the flexibility to replace damaged items in the designated places, thereby minimizing the total number of misplaced and lost tools and equipment. Further, the appropriate management of equipment also minimizes damages that are generally caused to various parts of the products during the production process.

Worker Commitment

Achieving worker commitment is one of the major goals of implementing 5S lean manufacturing training. This is because the workers would be largely responsible for using it on the ground. 5S emphasizes on worker participation by streamlining their work and allowing them to provide inputs to make productive changes in the overall design of the workplace and also to carry out its maintenance tasks. This encourages worker involvement for long-term workplace sustainability which in turn enhances their commitment towards work. This improvement also provides ancillary benefits of lower absenteeism in the workplace.

5S Gap analysis

360 degree appraisal of current systems and operations of your organization to identify gaps in current management system versus requirement of the Standard. On the basis of gap analysis, implementation plan is prepared.

5S Training

We provide one of the most complete suite of training covering awareness training, documentation training, implementation training, and internal auditor training.

Awareness Training

  • Detailed training (as required by the organization)
  • Internal auditors training
  • System Establishment
  • Entire area will be divided into zones and Task Force Teams (TFT) will be formed for each zone.
  • Providing 5S Awareness Training and 5S Campaign across the organization
  • Creating an attitude change with respect to 5S implementation thru suggestion schemes, rewards and recognitions etc.
  • Creating and providing 5S posters and spreading awareness
  • Preparation of 5S checklist and carrying out 5S audits
  • Visual Management of all exterior areas from Security to all the surroundings as required based on discussion
  • Visual Identification and area display boards in an effective manner
  • Identification and provision of resources as required for effective implementation of 5S
  • Implementation & Sustenance
  • Implementation of each step in 5S and training on respective personnel
  • Providing training programs, group discussion as required
  • Creating motivation schemes and promoting the same
  • Engaging all personnel in 5S effective implementation
  • Internal auditors training for zone team members and qualifying internal auditors
  • Internal auditing and assisting in closure of Non-conformances
  • System established with regards to rewards and recognitions and implementing the same

Conducting internal audit

We ensure that internal audit is conducted by your team under our supervision for the first time or else we can conduct the internal audit for your organization. We make sure that the internal audit process becomes value-adding activity and not just routine process

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