API Monogram


API Monogram is a voluntary licensing program that facilitates the consistent manufacturing of product that conforms to applicable API Specifications. Licensed manufacturers are given the authority to apply the API Monogram registered mark to equipment that meets the requirements.

Licensees demonstrate that they have a quality management system that is compliant with API Spec Q1 – an industry-leading quality management standard. API Spec Q1 meets most of the ISO 9001 requirements, in addition to requirements that are geared specifically for the oil and natural gas industry.

The API Monogram Program is designed to identify organizations that have demonstrated the ability to manufacture new equipment that conforms to API product specifications. Even though subcontracting is permitted, API may perform additional audits (at the organization’s expense) of any primary subcontractors to ensure their compliance with applicable specifications or requirements. API may refuse initial licensing or suspend current licensing based on a facility’s level of manufacturing capability.

Prior to applying for an API Monogram License, you must first:

  • Have a quality management system that has been operational for at least four (4) months and is compliant with API Spec Q1.
  • Describe the quality management system in a quality manual. The quality manual must recognize each requirement of API Spec Q1.
  • Maintain the technical capability to manufacture products compliant with the applicable API product specification.
  • Perform a documented internal audit according to the requirements of API Spec Q1.
  • Perform a documented management review according to the requirements of API Spec Q1.

Below is the full list of API specifications and standards for which Licenses are available. The API Monogram mark on products is a warranty by API Monogram licensees to API and purchasers that the marked products comply in every aspect with the applicable API Specification/Standard in effect at the time of manufacture. 

API Monogram Mark

The API Monogram is an API registered certification mark. Through the API Monogram Program, licensed manufacturers are given the authority to apply the mark to equipment that meets API product specification requirements and has been manufactured within a quality management system that meets API Spec Q1.

Licensee agrees that use of the API Monogram on the products shall constitute a representation and warranty by Licensee to API and to the purchasers of the Licensee’s products that the products conform to the applicable standards, specifications and requirements of API.

The API Monogram Mark is a protected trademark that is authorized for use by API through legally enforceable program requirements via contract agreements with the Licensees. The mark can only be applied to new conforming product that is manufactured by the licensed organization at the licensed facility.

API 2B – Fabrication of Structural Steel Pipe

Steel Pipe

API 2C – Offshore Pedestal-Mounted Cranes

Offshore Cranes

API 2F – Mooring Chain

Flash Welded Chain; Forged Connecting Links

API 2H – Carbon Manganese Steel Plate for Offshore Structures

Grade 42 Steel Plate; Grade 50 Steel Plate;

API 2MT1 – Carbon Manganese Steel Plate with Improved Toughness for Offshore Structures

Steel Plate, Grade 2MT1

API 2W – Steel Plates for Offshore Structures, Produced by Thermo-Mechanical Control Processing (TMCP)

Grade 50 Steel Plate; Grade 60 Steel Plate; Grade 70 Steel Plate; Grade 80 Steel Plate

API 2Y – Steel Plates, Quenched-and-Tempered, for Offshore Structures

Grade 50 Steel Plate; Grade 60 Steel Plate

API 4F – Drilling and Well Servicing Structures

Derricks; Masts; Crown Block Assemblies; Substructures

API 5B – Threading, Gauging, and Thread Inspection of Casing, Tubing and Line Pipe Threads

Thread Gauges

API 5CRA – Corrosion Resistant Alloy Seamless Tubes for Use as Casing, Tubing and Coupling Stock

Manufacturer of Casing, Tubing or Coupling Stock at PSL 1; Manufacturer of Casing, Tubing or Coupling Stock at PSL 2, at Groups 1, 2, 3, 4

API 5CT – Casing and Tubing

Manufacturer of Casing or Tubing Plain End; Manufacturer of Casing or Tubing Threaded and Coupled; Manufacturer of Casing or Tubing Pup Joints; Manufacturer of Casing or Tubing Couplings; Manufacturer of Accessories; Processor of Casing or Tubing Plain End; Processor of Casing or Tubing Threaded and Coupled; Threader, at Groups 1, 2, 3, 4

API 5DP – Drill Pipe

Drill Pipe Body; Tool Joints; Drill Pipe (Assembly)

API 5L – Line Pipe

Manufacturer of Line Pipe – Plain End at PSL 1; Manufacturer of Line Pipe – Plain End at PSL 2; Manufacturer of Line Pipe – Threaded and Coupled; Manufacturer of Line Pipe Couplings; Processor of Line Pipe – Plain End at PSL 1; Processor of Line Pipe – Plain End at PSL 2; Processor of Line Pipe – Threaded and Coupled; Threader

API 5LC – CRA Line Pipe

Manufacturer of Alloy Pipe; Processor of Alloy Pipe

API 5LCP – Coiled Line Pipe

Coiled Line Pipe

API 5LD – CRA Clad or Lined Steel Pipe

Manufacturer of Clad Steel Pipe; Manufacturer of Lined Steel Pipe; Processor of Clad Steel Pipe; Processor of Lined Steel Pipe

API 5ST – Coiled Tubing

Manufacturer of Coiled Tubing

API 6A – Wellhead and Christmas Tree Equipment

Manufacturer of Casing and Tubing Heads; Cross-Over Connectors; Tubing Head Adapters; Top Connectors; Tees and Crosses; Fluid-Sampling Devices; Adapter and Spacer Spools; Casing and Tubing Hangers; Valves; Chokes; Surface and Underwater Safety Valves; Surface and Underwater Safety Valve Actuators; Back Pressure Valves; Blind and Test Flanges; Threaded Connectors; Other End Connectors; Bullplugs; Valve Removal Plugs; Actuators; Ring Gaskets at PSL 1 – 4

API 6D – Pipeline and Piping Valves

Steel Gate Valves; Plug Valves; Ball Valves; Check Valves

API 6DSS – Subsea Pipeline Valves

Subsea Gate Valves; Subsea Plug Valves; Subsea Ball Valves; Subsea Check Valves

API 7-1 – Rotary Drill Stem Elements

Kelly Valves; Kellys; Drill Stem Subs; Drill Collars; Heavy Weight Drill Pipe; Roller Bits; Blade Drag Bits; Diamond Bits; PDC Bits; Threading for Rotary Shouldered Connections; Stabilizers

API 7-2 – Threading and Gauging of Rotary Shouldered Connections

Rotary Shouldered Connection Gauges

API 7F – Oil Field Chain and Sprockets

Roller Chain

API 7K – Drilling and Well Servicing Equipment

Rotary Tables, Rotary Bushings, Rotary Slips, Piston Mud Pump Components, Drawworks Components, Spiders, Manual Tongs, Safety Clamps Not used as Hoisting Devices, BOP Handling Systems, Pressure Relieving Devices for High-Pressure Drilling Fluid Circulating Systems, Snub-Lines for Manual and Power Tongs, Slip Bowls, High Pressure Mud and Cement Hoses at FSL 0, 1, and 2

API 8C – Drilling and Production Hoisting Equipment (PSL 1 and PSL 2)

Hoisting Sheaves, Traveling Blocks and/or Hook Blocks; Block-to-Hook Adapters, Connectors and Link Adapters, Drilling Hooks, Tubing and Sucker Rod Hooks; Elevator Links, Casing, Tubing and Drill Pipe Elevators, Sucker Rod Elevators; Rotary Swivel Bail Adapters, Rotary Swivels; Power Swivels, Power Subs; Spiders (if capable of being used as elevators), Wireline Anchors; Drill-String Motion Compensators; Kelly Spinners (if capable of being used as hoisting equipment); Pressure Vessels and Piping Mounted onto Hoisting Equipment; Safety Clamps (if capable of being used as hoisting equipment); Guide Dollies for Traveling Equipment at PSL 1 and 2

API 9A – Wire Rope

Bright or Drawn-Galvanized Wire Rope; Mooring Wire Rope; Torpedo Lines; Well-Measuring Wire; Well-Measuring Strand; Wire Guy Strand; Structural Rope and Strand

API 10A – Cements and Materials for Well Cementing

API Well Cement Class A, Type [O]; Class B, Type [MSR, HSR]; Class C, Type [O, MSR, HSR]; Class D, Type [MSR, HSR]; Class G, Type [MSR, HSR]; Class H, Type [MSR, HSR]

API 11AX – Subsurface Sucker Rod Pump Assemblies, Components, and Fittings

Pump and Pump Parts; Pump Parts without Tubing or Sucker Rod Threads; Seating Cups

API 11B – Sucker Rods, Polished Rods and Liners, Couplings, Sinker Bars, Polished Rod Clamps, Stuffing Boxes, and Pumping Tees

Steel Sucker Rods; FRP Sucker Rods; Couplings, Subcouplings and Polished Rod Connections; Polished Rods; Polished Rod Clamps; Stuffing Box and Pumping Tees; Sinker Bars; Threads; Thread Gages

API 11D1 – Packers and Bridge Plugs

Downhole Equipment-Packers; Bridge Plugs

API 11E – Pumping Units

Pumping Unit Structure; Pumping Unit Gear Reducer

API 12B – Bolted Tanks for Storage of Production Liquids

Storage Tanks

API 12D – Field Welded Tanks for Storage of Production Liquids

Storage Tanks

API 12F – Shop Welded Tanks for Storage and Production Liquids

Storage Tanks

API 12J – Oil and Gas Separators


API 12K – Indirect Type Oilfield Heaters

Heaters; Shells; Coils

API 12L – Vertical and Horizontal Emulsion Treaters


API 12P – Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Tanks

FRP Tanks

API 13A – Drilling-Fluid Materials

Barite; Barite 4,1 Hematite; Bentonite; Nontreated Bentonite; Attapulgite; Sepiolite; CMC-LVT; CMC-HVT; Starch; OCMA Grade Bentonite; PAC-LV; PAC-HV; Drilling-Grade Xanthan Gum

API 14A – Subsurface Safety Valve Equipment

Subsurface Safety Valves

API 14L – Lock Mandrels and Landing Nipples

Lock Mandrels; Landing Nipples

API 15HR – High Pressure Fiberglass Line Pipe

Line Pipe; Couplings; Fittings; Flanges; Reducers and Adapters

API 15LE – Polyethylene Line Pipe (PE)

Line Pipe; Fittings

API 15LR – Low Pressure Fiberglass Line Pipe

CC Line Pipe; FW Line Pipe

API 15S – Spoolable Reinforced Plastic Line Pipe

Non-metallic Reinforced Pipe, End Fittings, Coupling Fittings

API 16A – Drill-Through Equipment

Ram BOP; Ram Blocks, Packers, and/or Top Seals; Annular BOP; Annular Packing Units; Hydraulic Connectors; Drilling Spools; Adapters; Hub and Clamp End Connectors

API 16C – Choke and Kill Equipment

Choke and Kill Manifold Buffer Chamber; Drilling Choke Actuators; Drilling Choke Controls; Drilling Chokes; Rigid Choke and Kill Lines; Flexible Choke and Kill Lines at FSL 0, FSL 1, FSL 2 and/or FSL 3

API 16D – Control Systems for Drilling Well Control Equipment and Control Systems for Diverter Equipment

Control Systems for Surface Mounted BOP Stacks; Hydraulic Control Systems for Subsea BOP Stacks; Electro-Hydraulic/Multiplex Control Systems for Subsea BOP Stacks; Diverter Control Systems; Emergency Backup BOP Control Systems; Auxiliary Equipment Control Systems and Interfaces

API 16F – Marine Drilling Riser Equipment

Riser Tensioner Equipment; Flex/Ball Joints; Telescopic Joint (Slip Joint) and Tensioner Ring; Riser Joints; Buoyancy Equipment (syntactic foam modules only); Riser Running Equipment; Lower Riser Adapter

API 16RCD – Rotating Control Devices

Drill through Equipment; RCD Packers

API 17D – Design and Operation of Subsea Production Systems—Subsea Wellhead and Tree Equipment

Subsea Tree Equipment, Subsea Wellhead Equipment, Mudline Suspension System Equipment, Other Equipment at PSL 2, 3, 3G

API 17J – Unbonded Flexible Pipe

Unbonded Flexible Pipe

API 17K – Bonded Flexible Pipe

Bonded Flexible Pipe

API 19AC – Completion Accessories

Pressure Containing and Non-Pressure Containing Completion Accessories

API 19G1 – Side-Pocket Mandrels

Side-pocket Mandrels

API 19G2 – Flow-Control Devices for Side-Pocket Mandrels

GROUP I: Injection Pressure Operated; Balanced Injection Pressure Operated; Injection Pressure Operated w/ choke. GROUP II: Production Pressure Operated; Production Pressure Operated w/ choke. GROUP III: Pilot: Differential. GROUP IV: Orifice; Nozzle venture; Shear orifice; Dump/kill. GROUP V: Dummy. GROUP VI: Chemical injection; Chemical injection, spring loaded. GROUP VII: Surface-controlled hydraulic; Surface-controlled electric; Smart. GROUPVIII: Liquid injection. GROUP IV: Measure pressure; Measure temperature; Monitor corrosion; Connect to other devices; Provide control logic

API 19G3 – Running Tools, Pulling Tools and Kick-Over Tools and Latches for Side-Pocket Mandrels

Running and Pulling Tools; Kick-over Tools; Latches

API 19V – Subsurface Barrier Valves and Related Equipment

Type A, B, C, AA, BB and CC Barrier Valves; Barrier Valve Tools

API 20A – Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, and Nickel Base Alloy Castings for Use in the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry

Carbon Steels; Low Alloy Steels; Stainless Steels Other Than Duplex; Duplex Stainless Steels; Nickel Base Alloys (CRA)

API 20B – Open Die Shaped Forgings for Use in the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry

Carbon and Microalloyed Steels; Low Alloy Steels; Austenitic, Martensitic and Martensitic Precipitation Hardening Stainless Steels; Duplex and Superduplex Stainless Steels; Nickel Based Alloys

API 20C – Closed Die Forgings for Use in the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry

Carbon and Low-Alloy Carbon Steels; Austenitic, Martensitic and PH Martensitic Stainless Steels; Corrosion-Resistant Alloys

API 20E – Alloy and Carbon Steel Bolting for Use in the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries

Cold Formed Bolts, Screws, and Nuts; Studs; Fully Machined Bolts, Screws, and Nuts; Hot Formed Bolts and Screws; Hot formed nuts

API 20F – Corrosion Resistant Bolting for Use in the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries

Machined Studs; Machined Bolts, Screws, and Nuts; Cold Formed Bolts, Screws, and Nuts; Hot Formed Bolts and Screws; Roll Threaded Studs, Bolts, and Screws; Hot Formed Nuts

API 547 – General-Purpose Form-Wound Squirrel Cage Induction Motors-250 Horsepower and Larger


API 594 – Check Valves: Flanged, Lug, Wafer, and Butt-Welding

Check Valves, Type A & B

API 600 – Steel Gate Valves-Flanged and Butt-Welding Ends, Bolted Bonnets

Bolted Bonnet Steel Gate Valves

API 602 – Gate, Globe, and Check Valves for Sizes DN 100 (NPS 4) and Smaller for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries

Compact Steel Gate Valves, Globe Valves; Valves

API 603 – Corrosion-Resistant, Bolted Bonnet Gate Valves—Flanged and Butt-Welding Ends

Corrosion-Resistant Bolted Bonnet Gate Valves

API 608 – Metal Ball Valves-Flanged, Threaded, and Welding Ends

Metal Ball Valves

API 609 – Butterfly Valves: Double-Flanged, Lug- and Wafer-Type

Butterfly Valves – Categories A & B

API 650 – Welded Tanks for Oil Storage

Fabricated Steel Plates: Shop Built Tanks

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