API Spec Q2 Consultancy


Reva Phoenix, as an elite organization in the field of oil and gas, offers training, consultation and implementation services to a wide range of customers; operating from India to a global customer base.

American Petroleum Institute’s (API) Spec Q2, Specification for Quality Programs, allows companies to meet current customer requirements or forge new client relationships by becoming an API Spec Q2 registered organization. If your organization provides services, Reva Phoenix can train, implement, document, verify and audit a management system conformant to API Spec Q2 requirements.

Reva Phoenix, with its worldwide client base and implementation practices has standards experts who have intricate and successful experience guiding entities through quality management system assessments and implementations.

By a thorough review of Level 01 to Level 4 documents – records, files, procedures and other critical documentation of current processes, Reva Engineers can accurately scope the necessary effort involved to implement a process-focused quality management system solution that not only meets the requirements of API Spec Q2 but is also customized to your Organizations working culture.

Reva Phoenix can perform an accurate gap assessment, existing non-conformities and / or lack of data in comparison to a current system, and develop documentation that to close identified gaps from that analysis. Mentoring and internal audit training is implemented, in turn allowing your entity to generate necessary records to achieve API Spec Q2 compliance. 

An API Spec Q2 internal audit and corrective action are other sub-deliverables Reva Phoenix provides in its comprehensive solution package, enabling your entity to enter an external audit with a level of organization and confidence.

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