API Spec Q1, 10th Edition Training

API Spec Q1, 10th Edition Training

API Spec Q1, 10th edition promotes the integration of a process approach into the application of specific sections when developing, implementing, and improving the effectiveness of a quality management system. This provides for continuous control over the stated requirements, as well as facilitating the overlap of processes. For an organization to function effectively, it has to determine and manage numerous linked activities. An activity that transforms inputs into outputs can be considered a process. Process activities include determination of needs throughout the organization, provision of resources and product realization, identification of the proper sequence or order in a series of activities, monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of the activities performed, and applying changes or corrections to those activities as needed.

Goal of the Specification

The goal of API Spec Q1, 10th edition is to provide the minimum requirements for the development of a quality management system that promotes reliability and provides for continual improvement, emphasizes prevention of nonconformities, and strives to minimize variation and waste. It is not the intent of this specification to imply uniformity in the structure of quality management systems or uniformity of documentation.

Significant Changes from the Ninth Edition to the Tenth Edition

Highlights of some of the significant changes between the ninth and tenth editions include:

  • Alignment with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015
  • Change of scope to include companies that provide product related activities
  • Change definition of “product” to align with expanded scope
  • Record retention period expanded to ten years
  • Reference to outdated version of ISO 9000 removed
  • Added alternatives to traditional Quality Manual
  • “Design and Development” changed to “Design”
  • Clarification on validation of processes
  • Revised wording around product inspection and final acceptance process
  • Revised supplier evaluation process
  • Removed preventive action section
  • Added and revised definitions

Reva Phoenix conducts API QMS Lead Auditor and Internal Auditor workshop-based training session for API standards and certifications. An opportunity to learn from the best in the Oil & Gas industry about getting certified and implementing API Quality Management System.

The training program on API QMS – Internal Auditing is committed to provide the most comprehensive range of management systems training in the area of API Monogram, API Spec Q1, 10th edition, & ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System. The training program provides both technical knowledge and practical skills essential to become a competent API Internal auditor. Awareness, documentation & auditor’s training seminars are designed to provide a basic understanding of Quality Management System (QMS) based on ISO 9001, & API Spec Q1, 10th edition requirements.

In this extensive workshop-based training, you will learn the implementation basics of API Spec Q1, ISO 9001: 2015, API Monogram programs and what makes these so valuable, and why you need to know the elements of its requirements. Based on API Specification Q1, 10th edition, the workshop takes an informative look at the requirements, interpretations, and practical applications of the quality management principles used throughout the oil and natural gas industry.

API Spec Q1 outlines the requirements for a quality system that facilitates the consistent and reliable manufacture of API products. An API License is issued only after a quality manual has been submitted and approved and an on-site audit has confirmed that the applicant adheres to the requirements of both Q1 and the appropriate API product specifications.


  • Organizations / Personnel interested in API Certification
  • API Monogram Licensees / API Applicants
  • Quality Assurance Personnel; Management Representative
  • Manufacturers of Oilfield Equipment
  • API – Quality Management System Auditors
  • Person who require detailed knowledge of API QMS audit process
  • Person managing API Monogram and API QMS in the organization
  • Person who wish to implement API Monogram & QMS in their organization
  • Students (Graduate, post-graduate) & others
  • Management Representatives


Workshop based training, combining various techniques like:

  • Live Discussions, Brain Storming, Case Studies
  • Exercises, Readings & Sharing Practical Experiences
  • Best in Class Audit Practices
  • Mock Audits & Feedback session from the above exercises


Introduction to API Quality Management System

Legal & other requirements for QMS

API Monogram Program requirements

Audit protocol; Recording & reporting NC

Requirements for API QMS Auditor Certification

Evaluating audit non conformities

Overview of ISO 9000 series

Preparing audit reports and records

API Spec Q1, 10th edition & significant changes

Corrective action and audit close out process

Discussion and training on QMS 9001 requirements

Group presentation & case studies

Discussion and training on API Spec Q1 requirements

Role play; Written examination

Introduction to QMS auditing & practices

Audit techniques – QMS

Audit planning for QMS

Practical case study and course closure


Contact our Business Management representative for In-house training requirements on the following modules. We also offer custom made modules to suit client requirements.

API Spec Q1 Lead Auditor Training

API Quality Management System

API Spec Q1 Internal Auditor Training

Total Quality Management

API Spec Q2 Internal Auditor Training

Total Productive Maintenance

API Spec Q1 Awareness Training

Lean Manufacturing;

API Spec Q2 Awareness Training

Six Sigma

API Monogram programs

Lean Six Sigma

Design package preparation for API Monograms

Integrated Management Systems

ISO 9001: 2015

Internal Auditor Training for IMS

ISO 14001:2015

API Quality Management System

ISO 45001: 2018

Total Quality Management

Lean Manufacturing;

Total Productive Maintenance

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