Reva Phoenix – Best in Class – Value added Management System Audits

Reva Phoenix provides Internal Audit services for the following Management System Standards:

  • ISO 9001
  • API Spec Q1
  • API Spec Q2
  • API Monogram Licenses
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 45001
  • IATF 16949
  • ISO 17025
  • Company Specific requirements
  • Customer Specific requirements

Internal Auditing is a crucial element of your Quality Management system (QMS). Consistent and effective internal audits assure continual effectiveness, compliance, and improvement of your QMS. However, many companies that tackle this responsibility alone must overcome the following obstacles:

  • Difficulty in developing and maintaining the skills for part-time Internal Auditors,
  • Lack of experience, independence, and objectivity of Internal Auditors, and
  • Internal resource constraints.

Internal Auditors are Management’s eyes and ears for monitoring the effectiveness and efficiency of the QMS. Expert Internal Auditors are more likely to be the first to discover a system that has broken down, needs attention, or is improving. While known problem areas might be deliberately avoided during a regulatory, accreditation, customer, or certification audits, Internal Auditors are required to focus both on problem areas and on areas demonstrating improvement. The training and skills needed to do this well are vital. Trained and experienced Internal Auditors are a crucial part of the QMS.

Reva Phoenix’s Internal Auditing Service is for companies that wish to outsource or augment the resources needed to maintain and improve their ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, API Spec Q1, API Spec Q2, AS 9100, IATF 16949, ISO 17025 etc., based QMS with Reva Phoenix’s experts.

Given the level of change most organizations undergo and their already strained resources, Reva Phoenix serves as a valuable source of expert support without the time and investment needed to develop and maintain such resources internally.  Reva Phoenix possesses the experience and expertise to deliver a custom-tailored Internal Auditing program. Reva Phoenix’s experience in implementation and certification based QMS adds great value to this difficult process – beyond simply maintaining certification

Reva Phoenix advantages

  • Reduction or elimination of costly time and training of Internal Auditors.
  • Reduction or elimination of resources and cost needed to perform internal audits.
  • Minimal disruption of operations and internal resources.
  • Expert assessments and advice through objectivity, experience, and independence of Reva Phoenix’s experts.
  • Increased efficiency and higher quality results through consistent and continual focus of business process approach.
  • Continual evolution and improvement of your QMS

A Reva Phoenix expert then visits your facility for an on-site tour. Customization and set-up is completed when we jointly decide on topics such as:

  • Which areas or functions of your organization should get greater attention than others?
  • Whether to use your established internal auditing forms or Reva Phoenix’s?
  • The annual Internal Audit Schedule
  • Whether Reva Phoenix will be your internal auditor team or will augment your current staff,
  • Internal Audit objectives – compliance and / or business performance and improvement

Internal Auditing

Reva Phoenix serves as your internal audit team and performs your Internal Audits. The frequency and length of each internal audit depends on the size and complexity of your organization, as well as your organizational objectives. However, two Internal Audits per year is a typical minimum.

To begin, Reva Phoenix’s expert prepares and provides an Internal Audit Plan well in advance of each Internal Audit. The Internal Audit Plan details the schedule of activities for each Internal Audit. This assures that your staff has ample notice and time to prepare. The Internal Audit Plan also assures that disruption to your staff’s daily activities is minimized.

To conduct each Internal, Audit Reva Phoenix uses a customized checklist and Reva Phoenix’s exclusive Process Auditing Guide. The checklist assures a consistent assessment of compliance with standard requirements.

The Process Auditing Guide assures continual focus on business processes. Any deviations (non-conformances), observations, and recommendations are detailed in a formal Internal Audit Report

Reva Phoenix recommends that one or two of your Internal Auditors accompany and assist Reva Phoenix’s expert during each Internal Audit. This allows for the skills of your Internal Auditors to be developed, improved, and / or maintained.

Reva Phoenix – Deliverables

  • QMS documentation review
  • Program customizations and set-up.
  • At least two customized Internal Audits per year.
  • Annual Internal Audit Schedule.
  • Tailored Internal Audit Plans.
  • Documentation of Internal Audit results with a formal Internal Audit Report

Our Audit options:

  • Formal Internal Audit result presentation to management – Executive Briefing.
  • Support of corrective, preventive, and improvement action development and implementation.
  • Certification Maintenance Program – includes management of corrective, preventive, and improvement actions, Surveillance Audit and Registrar management, training of two Internal Auditors, facilitation of Management Review, and unlimited technical support.

Please contact us or write to to learn more about how Reva Phoenix’s Audit Services can assist your organization achieve & sustain business.

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