Reva Phoenix – Value Added Services!

Reva Phoenix has process improvement specialists and quality system professionals who focus on “value added” auditing, consulting, training, and process documentation to help you find cost savings.

Business Improvement Assessments

Improvement is the name of the game. Getting more using fewer resources.  Providing a better product or service to reduce your costs and increase customer satisfaction and market share. And the ultimate – improvement in profit

Why wait for an economic downturn or for your customer to ask you for a price decrease to find your profit leaks? Our experienced staff will review your company’s processes to identify improvement opportunities.

Our knowledgebase and toolbox includes such concepts as Lean, Visual Factory, 5S, Poka Yoke, DMAIC, Root Cause Analysis, Data Collection & Analysis, Six Sigma, Kaizen, and much more. Our years of experience will be put to work immediately to provide you with value added feedback indicating where improvements could be made.

Internal Audit Services

Internal audits require a staff that is well trained in auditing techniques and knowledgeable in effective, improvement and cost reduction methods to provide value added results. Most companies that are certified to QMS Standards use company internal auditors who do internal audits on an as needed basis.

Training and conducting audits is such a small amount of their job that they never have time to tune and improve their audit skills. Employees often get promotions, get busier, or may even leave the company. All of these circumstances cause companies to be in a constant internal auditor training mode, leading to ineffective audits costing thousands of dollars each year, which normally are not resulting in a positive ROI. Our experienced, trained staff conduct audits for a living, are well trained, and very knowledgeable about improvement methods and techniques. We all undergo training each year to ensure we continue to improve our knowledge and skills. Every audit we conduct results in opportunities for improvements and/or preventive actions, which will reduce risks, increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs, improve product and service quality, and much more. 

Best in Class Gap Assessments

Before you launch off and spend countless hours on trying to meet QMS Standards

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 45001
  • AS9100
  • IATF 16949
  • ISO 50001
  • ISO 17025
  • Company Specific requirements
  • Customer Specific requirements

Let us review your current business processes and practices.

Management System Readiness Assessment / Audit

Want to know if your Management system is ready for the Registrar, your customer, or regulatory agency? Our experienced staff will provide you with an assessment of your implementation for whatever Standard or requirements you are trying to meet. We provide a written report of strengths and weaknesses including opportunities for improvements and preventive actions that we identify.

Supplier Assessment / Audits

Our Supplier Auditing / Assessment Services can assist you in managing your supply chain program to ensure low risk and high quality are at the forefront. We provide experienced auditors to visit your suppliers, freeing up your valuable resources to focus on strategic supply relationships. Our auditors are specialists in their fields, providing you subject matter expertise, as well as a focus in areas you determine critical.

Every audit we perform provides you with information to help ensure you have chosen the suppliers that are right for your applications. We provide you and the supplier with information on opportunities for improvements and corrective and preventive actions to reduce risks and improve product and service quality.



  • Need services for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, AS9100, ISO 13485, IATF 16949, ISO 50001 etc.?
  • Having issues with a key process at your company or just not able to get the quality that you require?
  • Processes taking too long to complete?
  • Orders not getting done on time?
  • Suppliers not performing to your expectations?
  • Are customers or top management pushing you to create Process Control Plans, FMEAs, or process documentation?

We will be happy to conduct an independent review of your current system and processes to help define issues that are slowing you down or affecting your success in the marketplace. Then we will help you outline and execute a plan to resolve your challenges to get to your goal.

We strive to create consistency in your processes, increase efficiency and effectiveness, and reduce costs.  As is the goal with all of our services, we keep quality, customer satisfaction, and profitability at the forefront as we go.

Online | On-Site Training

Training is conducted online & at your site, tailored to your company and specific applications and processes. It is always geared towards helping your employees find waste and improve profits! Experience has proven to us that on-site, hands on training is the most effective way to teach you and your employees what they need to know.

Whether it’s for 1 or 500 employees – We’ll teach your employees how to:

  • Conduct “Value Added” Internal Audits & Assessments – Audit for improvements, not just for compliance! Learn where you are spending money and time and how to save it.
  • Supplier Auditing – conduct effective audits at suppliers to assess their QMS, capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Develop effective Process Control Plans for your processes.
  • Develop FMEAs and improvement plans for your processes.
  • Develop Lean improvement initiatives suited to your company.
  • Conduct effective and efficient Kaizen events.

Training is interactive and uses your employees, your documentation, your unique processes, and its unique challenges as we go.

QMS Documentation Development, Refinement, and Re-development

QMS Documentation Development

We will assist you in developing suitable and effective QMS documentation to satisfy the requirements of Standards. To do this, we will interview your personnel, document the processes, and then put that information in a format to suit your needs. As is always the case, we always keep quality, risk reduction, and cost controls in mind during the process.

QMS Documentation Refinement

Having issues with getting the most out of your documented processes? Often times the documentation doesn’t really spell out the process resulting in inconsistent quality and service. We can help you refine the documentation so you get the effective, high quality results that you require.

QMS Documentation Redevelopment

Did your system become unwieldy over the years? Do you have multiple documents that address the same process? Is it hard for employees to find the right documents? This is a common problem that occurs over the years for various reasons. We will be happy to advise you on how to reduce the amount of documents and improve the effectiveness of the ones that are left.

We keep efficiency, effectiveness, and reducing costs as key goals during documentation projects.

QMS Improvement

  • Conduct “Value Added” Internal audits & assessments – Audit for improvements, not just for compliance! Learn where you are spending money and time and how to save it.
  • Develop effective Process Control Plans for your processes to ensure all key steps in the process are identified, along with the necessary verification points and acceptance criteria.
  • Develop FMEAs (Failure Mode Effects Analysis) to identify underlying process risks and assist you in developing improvement plans to reduce your risks.
  • Develop Lean improvement initiatives suited to your company that will help you reduce waste in every aspect of your business.
  • Facilitate effective Kaizen events to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and streamline processes.

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